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5 Slightly Nutty But Highly Effective Ways to Stress Less and Laugh More!

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2018

One of my favourite screwball comedy films is Airplane II : The Sequel (also known as Flying High II : The Sequel in some countries). A line from this very funny movie came to mind on a morning when my iphone alarm told me it was time to rise and shine at the Ackroyd-unfriendly hour of 5.20 am.

The rising part seemed challenging enough and the prospect of shining seemed as unlikely as the dream I had just had about the spa bath and the blond Swedish…well, you don’t want to know. But this day I needed to shine and as I lay in bed contemplating the possibility of failing to do so I felt stress building in my sleep-deprived mind.

The line that then popped into my semi-consciousness comes from a scene in which William Shatner, who plays the eccentric Commander Buck Murdock, reflects on the fact that the lives of those on board a damaged moon shuttle hurtling through space are now in the hands of Ted Striker, an ex-pilot who once wiped out his entire squadron.

Shatner muses,...

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