Your New Year's Laughalutions!

Let’s face it, “Resolution” is a word that can come with some pretty negative connotations for many people, especially when it is preceded by the words “New” and “Year’s”.

Come on, we’ve all been there…it’s New Year’s eve and through a gob full of chocolate mousse and a skin full of dessert wine you proudly proclaim - “This is it. Tomorrow I start dieting/ jogging/ writing my novel/ tidying the garage/ going to bed earlier/ getting my finances together/ talking kindly to my spouse/ meditating in order to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all humanity while learning to play the ukelele."

Research tells us that only about 9% of those who make New Year’s resolutions have any success in keeping them until the next New Year rolls around. In fact 23% give up on their goal within a week and 80% throw in the towel before February. For most us it’s a process of resolve, try a bit, give up, feel bad, forghedaboudit!

To remedy this I suggest that this year you make a New Year’s laughalution. That’s right, I have created a ridiculous word to replace the word “resolution” because a laughalution is much more fun and that means you will actually enjoy keeping it.

Here are some suggestions for your New Year Laughalutions:

This year I will consciously create more laughter in my life.

This year I will look for more opportunities to share laughter with other people.

This year I will get out of bed each morning, smile at myself in the mirror for 30 seconds and say, “For someone with eyelids superglued together with sleep and a hair style that defies certain laws of physics you’re rather attractive.”

I know it sounds corny but do you really think that bothers a man who invented a word like laughalution? The bottom line is that the positive feelings you create in yourself by putting more laughter into your life will enable you to better implement all the other things you have resolved to change this year. Replace grim determination with mirth creation and you are much more likely to see results not disappointment.

Research also tells us that people who break their resolutions into smaller goals have greater success. So don’t try to transform into the life of everyone’s party all at once. Start small. After you smile at yourself in the mirror try smiling with genuine good will at the next person you see. It could make this year just a little bit better for both of you.

So unleash your laughalutions and have a happy new year folks!

Betterer Wishes, Anthony Ackroyd

CEO (Chief Enjoyment Officer) Feel Betterer

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