Good Vibes Boost Performance - Just Ask The Socceroos

The way people feel can make them better performers in any area of life. This is the message I’ve been pushing in my workshops for many years. After a Stress Less Laugh More workshop for a business I often extend an invitation for a team member to take on the role of Head Humour Honcho. That person can enlist the help of a “fun squad” to assist them in putting into action the new learnings they have been introduced to about the benefits of laughter and fun in the work environment.

So I was delighted when I heard Socceroos coach Graham Arnold announce that he had appointed one of his players Official Vibes Manager (OVM) for Australia’s FIFA World Cup campaign. After playing a key role in the qualifying games that got Australia to Qatar, winger Martin Boyle found himself afflicted with a knee injury that would rob him of the chance to be part of the playing group at the big dance. That would be enough to lower the frequency of anyone’s vibes.

However Boyle made the decision not to sink into depression or despondency and instead focused on what he could contribute to the team. As I write this that contribution continues to be uplifting enthusiasm, buoyancy, good humour and a belief in what is possible in a way that is raising the victorious vibes of his team mates.

The sight of Boyle on crutches on the pitch in the centre of the Socceroos huddle inspiring his team mates with a huge grin on his face is the perfect illustration of how well he is delivering as Official Vibes Manager! And with the Socceroos qualifying for the Round of 16 for only the second time ever the results of Boyle’s OVM work speak for themselves.

Socceroo Martin Boyle's story demonstrates the power of an individual to choose the positive path and harness the energy of humour, laughter, fun and feeling good to change their own emotional state. That sort of change is contagious and can infect a whole team. And when a whole team is uplifted in this way, whether footballers or business people or anyone, they may well find themselves kicking goals in ways that will amaze them and everyone else!

Betterer Wishes, Anthony

Anthony Ackroyd, CEO (Chief Enjoyment Officer), Feel Betterer

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