The Fun Way To Boost Your Immunity

Never has there been a greater need for a strong immune system. So where can we turn in these troubled times for an immunity boost with benefits? To laughter of course! Scientists have proven that laughter is powerful mojo when it comes to protecting our human form from viral nasties. So here's how it works...

Okay, this is a little personal but when was the last time you got your fluids flowing? No, not that. I'm talking about your lymphatic system. This network of tiny vessels beneath the skin removes waste products from your cells courtesy of small swellings called lymph nodes. Laughter gives your nodes a nudge in the right direction.

When you enjoy a good old belly laugh you activate muscles that cause your diaphragm to flutter up and down at a rapid rate. This gets your lymph nodes happily humming along and many good things happen to help your immune system...

More white blood cells are produced to purify fluids circulating in your body

Antibodies are produced to protect you from toxins

Dead cells are removed from your system

Unwanted microorganisms are eliminated and nobody wants an unwanted microorganism

But wait there's more!

Laughter reduces harmful inflammation and triggers the release of protective T cells that fight disease

So it makes sense to look for opportunities to laugh. Here's one right now...

Well, I liked it.

Whatever tickles your funny bone seek it out today and get your fluids flowing. We all need to do everything we can to stay healthy and laughter is the fun way to elevate your immune system!

Betterer Wishes, Anthony

Anthony Ackroyd

CEO Feel Betterer

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