Let’s just be honest – stress sucks! Stress robs us of happiness, depletes our energy, creates tension with other people and makes life miserable. But there is a solution. Humour, laughter, play and positive energy help us stress less and enjoy more.

 Laughter helps us access vitality and creativity, improves our communication and connection with others, lets us express who we truly are and makes life a joyful experience!

​Here’s the really good news – you can learn the skills and strategies that will increase the levels of humour, laughter, play and positive energy you experience on a daily basis.

In the Stress Less Laugh More workshop renowned comedian and laughter expert Anthony Ackroyd will guide you into a new life with less stress, anxiety and worry and more laughter, fun, happiness and success.


Creativity and innovation are critical to our success. Fresh ideas and perspectives are the pathway to creative problem solving and innovative new directions.

When it comes to generating creativity the utilisation of humour techniques may be the most powerful and fun way to tap the well.

As Edward de Bono said: “Humour is by far the most significant activity of the human brain.”


Communicate with purpose, presence and power in every facet of your presentation. Construct narrative and storytelling devices to create logical and emotional resonance with your audience. Impact through congruent body movement, gestures and eye contact. Influence audience responses through vocal energy, pace and tonal variation. Use slides skilfully and effectively to support, enhance and enliven content and structure. Master the power of challenge, questioning, surprise and humour. Avoid the most common mistakes of unskilled presenters.


In this fascinating and laugh-filled presentation one of Australia’s most renowned performers reveals exactly what it’s like to live the life of a professional comedian. And Anthony shows us how the funny things he has learned along the way can help us all live a happier life. 

Anthony’s humour has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world and he believes laughter really is a universal language. In My Life In Laughter Anthony shows you how speaking that language can change your life while you have the time of your life!



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