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Smiling Is SO Good For You - But Are You Doing It Right?

In these troubled times it may seem simplistic, maybe almost offensive to encourage people to smile. However, there are so many wonderful benefits to be gained from this always on hand human behaviour that I’m going to do exactly that.

I’m certainly not saying just put a smile on your face and everything will be dandy. But I definitely am saying that increasing the quantity and quality of your smiles can diminish your stress thereby lifting your mood, helping you feel more connected and boosting your overall health. All results that make the simple smile something very worthwhile!

Children smile on average about 400 times per day. Sad to say that even an adult who rates themselves as “very happy” smiles only about 40-50 times per day and a typical adult smiles only 20 times per day. And now that many people are wearing face masks for extended periods that smile rate is dropping even lower.

We need to get the smile rate up, especially in tough times, because...

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