Is This Your Year To Create?

The Feel Betterer philosophy says that to have a life that you love you need to infuse your life with what I refer to as the Feel Betterer Fab Four - Joy, Purpose, Connection and Creativity. Today I want to talk about creativity which is so critical to our happiness and wellbeing! And with 2021 still just a pup it's a good time to think about what you want to create this year.

Do you want to create a book, a painting, an invention, a garden, a holiday, a business idea, a movie script, an interior design, a speech, a comedy routine, a dance, an app, a healthy body, a calm mind, a new relationship, a new improved old relationship, a new habit, a new career or a completely new direction in life?

I’ve found that most, if not all, people have creative dreams inside them that they want to turn into a reality. And if they don't take action on these dreams they pay a price in terms of their happiness, growth and aliveness. So is this the year that you turn your creative dream into an active process that gets you the results you want? Is this your year to create? If it is, what is stopping you?

Let’s look at what might be holding you back from going for it. Usually it’s a belief such as:

1. It’s not a priority right now. I’ve got urgent things to address. I’ll get round to pursuing my creative dreams later.

In this increasingly crazy world many of us are dealing with urgencies that seem to demand our exclusive attention. You know, those pesky little survival issues like how do I avoid viruses, make a living, sustain relationships and keep my sanity in tact. You could be forgiven for declaring, creativity will just have to keep itself warm on the back burner while I address what’s on the hotplates!

Nurturing creativity plays a big part in keeping us healthy and sane and operating at an optimal level that enables us to thrive.

But here’s another crazy thing. Nurturing creativity plays a big part in keeping us healthy and sane and operating at an optimal level that enables us to thrive. Connecting with our creative dreams transforms our energy, sharpens our minds, boosts our happiness so that we are better able to do what we need to do to make our finances work and our relationships happening. Your creativity should be a priority and the time for action is right now.

"There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life." ~ Sophia Loren

2. I don’t have the time/the energy/the resources.

I hear this one a lot! Hey, I’ve used it myself more than once, believe me. It’s almost always untrue. 

When I coach people and we examine how they allocate their time the analysis usually obliterates this excuse for avoiding making progress on their creative goals. Sometimes we uncover hours of valuable time spent on activities that are neither necessary, productive or even enjoyable. I’ve been there too. Have you ever watched five episodes in a row of Locked Up Abroad as the afternoon sun slowly fades - I have! At least I’ll know what to do if I ever end up in a Venezuelan prison. 

The thing to know is that working on our creative dreams gives us energy. It plugs us into a power source deep within that generates vitality and verve. It’s actually resisting taking action on our creative projects that saps our energy. Once you begin working on the creative vision housed in your heart you will be rewarded with energy in abundance.

Sometimes you really don’t have the resources you need to progress a project. But it’s rarely the thing that is actually holding you back. You can tell yourself you absolutely must have that special script formatting software before you begin writing your memoir, but hey, do the words pen and paper mean anything to you? Get started!

 “One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.” ~ Paul Coelho

3. What I create might not be any good. I don’t want to fail. 

Roger that, my friend. The possibility of failure comes with the territory of creativity.

the young Ackroyd as stand up comic 

I remember my days starting off in stand up comedy. My first public death was flat out horrible. After being booed off the stage by a hostile audience I took shelter in the dressing room for four hours on the verge of tears until the angry mob had vacated the venue. 

If I had stopped doing comedy then and there I would have avoided the chance of such a thing ever happening again (it did!) but I would have missed out on the thousands of amazing gigs and fantastic feelings that were to come once my skill level increased.

Once you begin working on the creative vision housed in your heart you will be rewarded with energy in abundance.

Failing as a comic can be uniquely brutal but everyone pursuing a creative goal fears failure. No one wants to be rejected by the tribe. And even if we don’t intend to show anyone else our work we can still fear our own judgement of it. But remember the reward of expressing nothing is safety but the rewards of going for it are excitement, fulfilment, joy, exhilaration, connection and total aliveness. The risk-reward ratio says create!

Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

So what are you waiting for, folks? Ditch the excuses and get the rewards. The time is now. Make this your year to create!

Do you agree? What will you create this year? Let me know in a comment below. Love to hear your thoughts.

Lotsa love, Anthony

Anthony Ackroyd CEO Feel Betterer

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