3 Fun Ways To Grow Your Brain

brain neuroscience Apr 01, 2019

Oh yes you can indeed increase your brain cell count. Just ask neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret who tells us there is a thing called "neurogenesis".

Neurogenesis is not the reboot of a pomp rock band from the 70s featuring Phil Collins but it is the process of growing more brain cells called neurons.

Nerogenesis is a process we now know continues throughout our entire lives and these newly produced neurons keep our memory function happening, our mood happy and helps delay the effects of old age. Hooray!

Here's the catch. Certain things get in the way of neurogenesis and other things stimulate it. So we need to know what hinders and what helps.

Stress, sleep deprivation and fatty foods inhibit the production of new neurons. So chill out, get some shut eye and ditch the fries.

But you might be interested in Thuret's top three ways to stimulate brain cell production. Are you ready? I think you're going to like this. Here they are...


2. Sex

3. Running

After those three you have dietary recommendations  including blueberries, salmon, dark chocolate and red wine. Not too shabby.

I hope this info will help you to keep your brain pumping out new neurons and reaping the benefits.

So I guess given the choices above you're off for a quick jog? Hmmm?

Wishing you the very best, Anthony Ackroyd

CEO (Chief Enjoyment Officer) Feel Betterer


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