Feel Betterer aims to provide as many people as possible with resources that will help them feel good, better and yes, betterer!

When I created this company I was well aware that betterer is a word that's hard to find in the dictionary. But maybe betterer should indeed be included in the dictionaries of all languages because a world where more people feel betterer is a world where more people feel more joyful and enjoy more success, happiness, creativity and connection.

The courses and digital products you will discover on the Feel Betterer site are seriously life changing but delivered with a flavour of humour that makes the material delicious to consume as well as nutritious to the mind, body and soul.

We aim to bring you the best information and inspiration available so you can make the changes you want in your life while laughing and enjoying the whole process as well as the results.

So pease enjoy the website, join our community, choose the course and products that excite you and feel betterer. Laugh, learn, live!

Betterer wishes, Anthony Ackroyd CEO Feel Betterer

P.S. You can get more info about me and the work I've done here www.anthonyackroyd.com